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Signum II

  • Portable design
  • Ergonomic typing wrist angle
  • Ergonomic vertical stagger for finger length
  • Ergonomic Thumb cluster angle
  • Built-in cable storage
  • Programmable
The Signum II represents the latest design of a 40% keyboard I've been building and improving for a while. Some history on the Signum series can be found here.

It's designed to let your arms and wrists be at a neutral position while you work. Less strain means less fatigue at the end of the day, and peak work performance.

Custom Details (Optional):

Order the Signum II DIY kit!
Includes the clear Acrylic Plate, base, multi-size standoffs, feet, nylon screws, and nuts (and spares)!

Handwiring required, trim screws to fit your build!
$120 $100 (includes CONUS shipping)

Clear 40

  • All clear acrylic design
  • RGB Backlighting
  • Programmable
  • Excellent sound due to thick, heavy case
SOLD OUT! Request one.

Board 40

  • Constructed from water-sealed 1/8" pressed board
  • Lightweight design, emphasis on portability
  • Quiet due to materials
  • Simple lines, muted colors
  • Status lights shine through rigid acrylic spacer
  • Low price
  • Programmable
SOLD OUT! Request one.

Fletcher 5101

  • Upcycled from an old and dying keyboard
  • Maticulously cleaned, rebuilt, and painted
  • Large, sturdy, and heavy; a real workhorse
  • Standard keyboard layout
  • Loud due to solid steel plate
  • Steel plate painted by request, standard is orange
  • Programmable
Built from my personal affection for the Dell AT101W keyboards, by removing the original circuitboard, and handwiring the switches, this keyboard can enjoy all the features of a modern programmable firmware.

SOLD OUT! Request one.