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What is MikeMike?

To your computer, it's a full keyboard and mouse
To your boss, it's an increase in your metrics
But to you, MikeMike is a tiny robot helper for all your computer tasks

Is MikeMike for me?

If you find yourself...

  • clicking the same buttons
  • typing the same things
  • struggling through menus
  • ending the day with pain from using your computer
Because computers are built for general use, they're not optimized for most jobs, burying things you use every day in multiple layers of menus.

Not anymore! MikeMike puts these slow clicks and clacks one button away!

Give your hands a break, and finish your work in less time.

Why is MikeMike?

MikeMike was designed after I got frustrated by graphical work in Adobe Illustrator.

Toolbars filled with tiny, similar buttons were annoying to find and click. I wanted something I could use to quickly and visually record a macro and play back without coding.

The first MicroMacro prototype helping design its own circuit board!

After many months of testing and adding features, I'm ready to offer MikeMike to everyone!

How do I MikeMike?

You can easily build and update macros yourself with the built in menu, details in this video!

OR get your MikeMike preprogrammed by me! Send me an email!

NOTE: Due to parts availability, color may vary!

$60 USD (includes CONUS shipping!)




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